Condolence & Memory Journal


Thanks to Dennis for the lovely entertainment and useful information provided via the Crashcast podcast with Mike Hancock. He will be missed, although I never knew him personally, it feels like he was a friend anyway. Thank you.

Posted by Ernie Graham - Dublin, Ireland   March 18, 2013

He will be flying in Heaven now.

Posted by John Chilese - Las Vegas, NV - fellow kite flier   October 14, 2011


Rest in Peace Dennis.
You are in a better place.

George and Carol Boyd.

Posted by George H. Boyd - Phlatprinter friend   May 24, 2011


The news of Dennis' passing came as a shock. I have been reading some of the remarks with a smile. Dennis was just a person that you never forgot. He certainly did let you know exactly where he stood on issues that meant a lot to him! My deepest condolences to his family.

Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.

Posted by Donna "Sylvia" Jackson - Former Co-worker   March 29, 2011


I never met Dennis, but threw the podcast I feel like I had. His inspiration was awesome. My 5 year old son and I just finished a kite that Dennis designed, I guess it will mean a little more when we fly it now.
God Speed Dennis.
Scott Elve

Posted by Scott Elve    March 29, 2011

Dennis was an extraordinary man, intelligent, precise, and to the point. I had the pleasure of working with him on the podcast and will always be grateful for that opportunity.

He was an endless supply of great information, about Kites, RC and CNC, as well as numerous other topics, and was always willing to share the information he had, in his own unique style! Dennis was very much to the point, and never held back. He was a "true" person, and you never had to wonder where you stood with him.

I look back upon all the pre-show chats we had, as well as the emails we exchanged with fond memories. I learned allot from him, and I only hope I can help carry on his legacy by sharing with those I meet.

Dennis was a very passionate man about what he knew and believed, and I admired him for that. We have lost a friend here, but we will see him again.

Godspeed, Dennis.

Posted by Tim "Iflyos" King - Pfafftown, NC - Co-host, The Crash Cast   March 29, 2011

Dennis was a character. I like and enjoyed his direct and in your face manner. He let you know in no uncertain terms what crossed his mind. But there was the funny and humorous side too. Especially his Pink Flying Pig. If you wanted a lesson on the Bible or a religious story - you saw and heard another facet of Dennis. I will miss Dennis and his stories, and tales of flying kites, especially at night with lighted LED's.
Tom Faith

Posted by Tom Faith - San Jose, CA - Friend and Co-worker   March 29, 2011


I send my Prayers and Blessing to Dennis' family.
Dennis was the sort of person that you remember for his passion and knowledge that he embodied. I remember him well and I know he'll be missed for his attributes both at work and greatly at home. Peace and serenity to all. Marietta

Posted by Marietta French Perez - Retired Co-worker   March 26, 2011

It saddens me to hear of your loss. I know that Dennis was a very valued person in life. May god rest his soul.

Posted by Brian Seals - Lakeville, IN - Friend   March 25, 2011

Dennis; Every time I see a kite or an RC plane I think of you.
May you rest in peace.

Posted by Jacob Deloumi - Los Gatos - Friend form Lockheed   March 25, 2011


Dennis always made me Laugh and have a big grin when ever he was on the crash cast pod cast. His Knowledge and his big grin and smile that i could see in my mind whenever he came on the show. he will be missed by all RC enthusiasts from around the world. i wish i was able to speak with him but i was not able to, but I have enjoyed his little rants and such from the show.

Rest in peace Fellow flyer You have the view from above and hope you will keep a eye on our planes as we fly. and on us as well

Jim Laserman Kiskis

Posted by Jim Laserman Kiskis - RC friend   March 25, 2011

He was such a nice guy. He was one of my engineers always polite came to me for his Vault needs and reprographic needs.. He will be miss by all that he knew.
RIP Dennis

Posted by Elaine Moore - Santa Clara, CA - internal customer at lockheed   March 25, 2011

I worked with Dennis off and on over the last 15+ years. We had numerous conversations about hang gliding, kites, and RC flying. I'm sorry that I never followed through with getting a kite from him. Dennis was a good man, hard worker and brutally honest at times. He will be missed personally and professionally.

Posted by Rick Dumlao - Sunnyvale, CA - Co-Worker / Friend   March 25, 2011

Gone too soon, I was just getting to know him. He just walked up to you and called you friend. He called it like he seen it, and told it like it was. I enjoyed his quick wit and the reminiscent adventures in his life. Gone too soon! I hope Bahaullah appreciates him as much as we have.

Posted by Dino - Sunnyvale, CA - Coworker   March 25, 2011

While I had never met Dennis, we shared a common interest. I have some stories to share with Anne which I will mail later.

Posted by Larry Fortna - Leesburg, FL - Friend from Phlatboyz forum   March 25, 2011

I am a newcomer to the Phlatforum but felt that I knew Dennis as I always learnt from his postings and the information he shared.
He will be sadly missed.


Posted by Paul - London, UK   March 25, 2011

After hours of listening to you via a podcast, and a few emails iI feel I've lost another friend

Posted by John Zinkl - AZ - Internet ffriend   March 25, 2011

I am very saddened by this news. I didn't know about his battle with cancer, so this is a bit shocking. I worked with Dennis in Sunnyvale and had a few lively conversations with him. He is such a passionate soul, especially about kites. He'd taken me to nearby park a time or two to show me his kites and I learned so much about kites that goes light-years beyond the diamond plastic on a string. Since moving out here to the East Coast, I've missed his honest and sarcastic advice. I still fill out my personal reviews at work with his advice in mind: "Just state your goal as 'I will do x, y, and z this year.', then on your assessment, say you did x, y, and z."

I thought of him when I took my family to a kite show in Ocean City last spring and I kept meaning to send him pictures. Unfortunately, my lesson is learned to not take people for granted. This weekend, there is a kite show in DC. My daughter is sick, but I hope I can go in his memory.

Posted by Katherine Scherck (nee Ready) - MD - Former co-worker   March 25, 2011

Godspeed, Dennis.

Posted by Christopher "ToxicToast" Nelson - Roseville, CA   March 25, 2011

Dennis and I became friends a few years back due to our common interests in the Radio Controlled Flying and CNC machining hobbies. That "online" friendship soon lead to us talking each week and him ultimately becoming the co-host of my internet podcast. Finally, last year we had the opportunity to cement our friendship by meeting face-to-face in Toledo.

We each brought airplanes to fly in the Toledo Model Expo, and his was an R/C variant of a kite (imagine that! LOL). I will always fondly remember the sounds of his first flights with that plane in the rather small gymnasium we flew in (he had never flown in an indoor venue before). There was a routine of him running up the motor, releasing the plane for flight, and then a distinct "POP" or "BANG" sound that soon followed. I think that he must have hit everything in that gym that could possibly have been hit! LOL We had so much fun on that trip. :)

Sometimes when we meet people in real life that we've know in this "virtual internet world", we find that those folks are not exactly what we had expected. That was certainly not the case with Dennis. He proved to be so much more than his online personality let on! He was a great co-host on my show and took the same amount of pride and passion in it that I did. I have already received countless emails from our listeners expressing their sadness knowing that "Dorsal" will not be returning.

My prayers go out for Anne and the rest of the family during this difficult time. May you all take comfort in knowing that Dennis' soul is, no doubt, enjoying those rewards our Father promised each of us for living his life in the faithful and dutiful way he did.

Dennis, have fun flying in those heavenly blue skies and calm winds. I'll be looking for you there when my big day comes, so be sure you save me place on God's Flight-line, my friend!

Posted by Michael "Crash" Hancock - Waco, TX - Friend   March 25, 2011

To the family of Dennis Fishback,
I'm really going to miss Dennis because he used to cause me so much extra work.....but yes he was loved, and will be missed.

Dennis would always say "why" for any Email that I sent to him. Usually those Emails would be about an upcoming meeting, or some training that needed to be completed. But Dennis would make sure that I knew that he was never late to the meetings, and he had already completed all his training. When I cancelled a meeting, he respond with a thank you. To all of us, that was one less meeting to go to. And then there was the Dennis that would show up at my desk with a piece of candy for me. I told him I wasn't taking any bribes, and we'd smile and then I took the candy.

Dennis you were one of a kind. We will miss you.


Posted by Mary Slutts - Sunnyvale, CA - co-worker, friend   March 25, 2011

Dennis was definitely a unique person. His humor and honesty were unmatched, and I will never forget him. May God bless you Dennis and take you home.

Posted by Jake Huether - Sunnyvale, CA - co-worker '02 - '06   March 24, 2011


I can only describe Dennis as being one of a kind. At times he could be difficult, kind of like a bull in a china shop, but he was fun loving, intelligent, resourceful and kind. Dennis was very honest so you always new where you stood with him. He was always willing to give you his time and help where he could. There is no doubt that his family was always first and how much he loved them all.
Dennis you will be missed and I know you will serve God the Father with the same tenacity as you did your family and your life. May this candle help you find your way to the Lord and may it help your family find comfort in knowing that you will be watching over them always. Whenever I see a Kite in the sky I will remember Dennis Fishback.

Posted by Gloria Acosta - Co-worker of 20 + years   March 24, 2011